Posted by: askelena | October 9, 2010

updated website

Hola one and all.  I have finally updated my website and will be focusing on the Community Living  Experience at the Longevity Education Center this season.  and for more information visit

I am in transition from Eco-Lodge to Eco-Village and this season I will be using the Lodge as a Community House, with new deluxe rooms and a community kitchen and salon.  It is the perfect “courtship process”   for those thinking of living in community.   paz y amor,  Elena



  1. The OASIS Center for Conscious Living is sponsoring a Oneness Gathering for all conscious living intentional communities in the Southern Zone. This event will take place on March 19, 2011 at Hotel Angelus in Perez Zeledon. The Oneness Circle will take place from 1-4pm, where each group will have the opportunity to name their intention and how they align with the greater spirit of Oneness. After a welcoming circle for a group coming from the USA, Canada, and Europe, we will have a dinner/social break, then for those wanting to join in the spirit of Celebration, we will regroup at 8pm for a Sun Dancing with the Moon party. More details at our Facebook event page, and in an upcoming webpage. Eco Joya is a sponsoring partner in this event. Thank you!!

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