Posted by: askelena | May 19, 2011

This Month’s happenings at La Ceiba (PZ)

This Month’s happenings at La Ceiba
Bio-Regional Council Saturday May 21st – 11am-3pm

The agenda for this council will touch on the evolution of individual committees, as well as formation of a new committee to organize and host this years’ Annual Intentional Communities Gathering, here in the southern zone! The proposed site is the HOME Farm, and it is slotted for late June.

Also on the agenda, is a brief discussion of the SEIPAC power lines and what we can do to mitigate their effects on our community.

Recommended donation to support La Ceiba is 4 mil, so bring what you can. Tea and water will be provided
Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend
Monday, June 23 from 11am – 1pm

Make an essential oil blend just for you. Explore which oils are your favorite, mix and match, learn the art of blending, and experience what resonates with other people. This class costs C 10,000 and you get to keep a vile of your unique blend. (If you choose to make more than one blend, additional costs will apply)
Raffle for La Ceiba
Thursday 26th – Friday 27th

La Ceiba’s mission is to provide a sanctuary for our wellness minded community. To provide a place, in the midst of town, where one can always find support and connection. La Ceiba supports itself through workshops, rental of the space, product sales, and donations…and in these beginning days of La Ceiba’s infancy, we are calling out for community nourishment, to help offset the very significant start up costs. To help facilitate this nourishment, we are having a Raffle!!

Prizes will include Thai Massage, Essential Oils, Body Care Products, Salad Dressings, Dried Fruit, Bamboo Plants, Bamboo Lamp, Art, and more…

We only have one week, to gather additional contributions, to make this raffle even more valuable to those who rise up to support the cause. If you would like to donate items for raffle prizes, please contact us at

Raffle tickets will be available at La Ceiba, and La Feria, next Thursday and Friday.

Thank you for your support!
Healer’s Committee
Thursday 26th from 12:30pm – 1:30pm

At the next meeting we will address the following topics:

* establishing a directory of local healing services
* to agree on a short and concise definition of ‘healing’ which will appear on the web-page. This would help us to understand what types of services, events etc, that actually belong in the healing category.
* discuss the idea of holding regular (monthly?) ‘joy gatherings’ at various fincas or other locations. These gatherings would be celebratory in nature – dancing, chanting, socializing, etc. The only objective to such gatherings would be to have fun/feel joy.

Movies under La Ceiba
Thurday 26th from 5pm – 7pm

Sharing rare and beautiful movies – we will be alternating, every other week, movies in English and in Spanish on the big screen (most future movies will have subtitles in the alternating language). We will have popcorn, pizza, and yummy drinks for sale.
1,mil suggested donation.

This month…
(English – no subtitles) This is a beautiful story where the legends of the Native American nations come to life. A century-old storyteller and his troubled 17 year old grandson set off on a cross-country journey towards self-discovery. Stories, from many diverse cultures, share wisdom and adventure, while artistically portraying the lives of indigenous North Americans, both historically and in the modern world. A must see, and one of our favorites!

Hours of Operation Located across from las Delicious in the plaza.

We are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9am – 1pm
Thursdays from 9am – 5pm
So, stop by and have a cup of tea.
We are also open for workshops, though when groups are in session, we encourage you to be conscious of the focus and not interrupt.

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