Posted by: askelena | January 8, 2012

P A N E U R H Y T H M Y March 17-21, 2012

Intensive Workshop with Toni Krushevska


Performed outdoors in the morning, these inspirational exercises are set to beautiful music; bringing us in contact with the vital forces of Nature, thus balancing our energies. The movements are simple and gentle. They rejuvenate the whole body, reduce stress and enhance creativity.  These are a gift from the higher realm to help humanity harmonize with the frequency of the cosmos, raise consciousness and bring about coherence.

PanEuRhythmy is practiced by thousands of people around the world. It helps bring harmony  to our body, mind, heart and spirit;  promoting health, joy, and world peace.  For more information visit

WHEN:          Spring Equinox    Saturday, March 17- March 21, 2012  5 days

WHERE:       Finca Amanecer in Londres de Quepos, Costa Rica

RSPV:            Please RSVP via e-mail to:

Skype: askelena1       Costa Rica: 506 2779-1123

Suggested Offering $475.00; covers meals, lodging (dbl occ), CD of the music, 2 excursion.  This is an intensive course. We will practice the exercises in the morning and delve into the meaning in the evenings. Afternoons will be free for an excursion to Rio Naranjo, the beach or Bridal Veil Falls. There may even be time for yoga.

About the Instructor

Antoaneta (Toni) Krushevska, (born1942) native of Bulgaria, is a renowned teacher of Paneurhythmy.  She studied these beneficial movements from the late Erna Staleva after moving to Massachusetts, USA in 1991.  Erna was one of the original disciples of the Beinsa Douno, an enlightened teacher who introduced this Cosmic Rhythm of Life to humanity. Beinsa Douno gave these three sets of exercises gradually during the years 1932-1942.

Toni worked with Erna,  in translating the words of the Master into English.  She began teaching the movements in 1998 in the USA, Canada and now in Costa Rica. Her description of the movements of Paneurhyhtmy is considered by many to be the most complete and detailed book available.

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