Posted by: askelena | January 29, 2012

DREAMTIME Feb 20-22, 2012

Please join us for a New Moon “Dreamtime” gathering,    Feb. 20-22, 2012.  We are gathering now, creating the village.

Neptune is entering Pisces, for the next 14 years. Sunday, February 19th the Sun enters Pisces and on Tues the New moon enters Pisces too.  This time is a gateway for dreams, and visions.   Come and create your new reality.

Come share the JOY of PanEuRhythmy (Meditation in Motion) in the morning, OM, Yoga, singing, drumming, guided group meditation and a sweat lodge.  Michael Tivana, renowned author, activist and keeper of he Hopi Prophecy will lead the sweat.

It will mostly be camping and community meals, sort of a Mini Rainbow Gathering.

Please bring musical instruments and sacred objects.

Come with an open mind and heart.  Let’s see what a collective meditation creates.

The main thrust is group meditation with the intention of creating the VISION for forming community, and. a new culture for……. 2012…. beyond.  Shift 2 the Gift…….

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