Posted by: askelena | November 28, 2013

2013 Winter SOLSTICE Festival

2013 Winter SOLSTICE Festivaldrumming

Dec 17-22, 2013

Laughing Gecko Campgrounds

Dentro de Finca Amanecer Eco-commUNITY

Londres de Quepos, Costa Rica

Celebrating in harmony with Nature and Neighbors

Come create YOUR intimate Festival Experience

Calling all artists, musicians, dancers, healers, visionaries

Calling all Shamans, yoga teachers, hoola hooper, fire dancers, aerial silk, bring your talent and CREATE. Can you lead a sweat lodge on the full moon? Would you like to learn PanEurhythmy- a dance of higher consciousness at sunrise, yoga in the Bamboo Cathedral, music under the stars Friday night, drumming circles and ceremony on Saturday night.

Following the principles of Burning Man we ask each person to be responsible for themselves. PLEASE bring your own tent, food and utensils, personal care items and share. Share your food, talents and JOY. There are no sales during the festival. Would you like to sponsor a “theme kitchen”? Those who don’t want to cook must contribute to the theme kitchen before arriving, to shop in advance. If everyone shares their abundance then it’s a beautiful world. What can you donate? Bring lots of GIFTS. Why not clean out your closets and donate to the gift table. Whatever is not adopted during the festival will be donated to the local schools and community.

Costs: 1 day pass 10,000 colones; 2 days 15,000 colones, Multi-day for early volunteers 25,000. Cost includes camping and all activities. MEALS must be purchased in advance with a theme kitchen.


Contact: SMS 83384010 ROBO DE CABLE NO PHONE.

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