Intentional Conscious Communities of Costa Rica  (www.ICCCR.INFO) is a work in progress. The ICCCR is to be an online, interactive directory of intentional and/or “conscious” communities throughout Costa Rica.

Basically, we are creating our own online, open-source directory, Costa Rica specific, that seeks to educate (inform and empower), promote and market, match conscious investors and stewards with progressive communities, and most importantly, protect Costa Rica’s natural resources and its people from being bought out by BIG developers. The ICCCR seeks to enable “conscious people” and their communities in making their eco-sustainable programs, perma-culture and green communities, eco-tours and holistic communities, centers, and small businesses economically sustainable.

We’d like to become the clearing house of information for communities or projects, volunteers looking for a project and professionals offering services to help in the development of the projects, and education for all.


  1. […] pueblos. A few months ago we traveled to the little village of Londres to volunteer at an “intentional conscious community” harvesting bamboo for building materials. The last leg of this journey was in a scruffy bus that […]

  2. Hi all, I’m back in Australia after living in Costa Rica for 3 years, and would really like to be part of an intentional community, but for me the focus would be on sustainability (as well as community!), and to me that means not having a car. I haven’t found a community where living car-free would be good. Do you know if any exist already? And also, being able to be part of a broader community would be good – not to isolated. I’m thinking Central Valley close to transport routes, or even urban fringe. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Bless your heart,

      Thank you for your interest and PLEASE feel free to check out my links below.

      Finca Amanecer IS A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY. We have a fire “Fogon” and a Solar oven, and ALL our laundry is dried on the solar clothes dryer. HOPE to make a pedal power washing machine soon, to use with our rainwater catchment system.

      WE are on a bus route with 7 yes, SEVEN buses a day to Quepos. and from there you can go every direction you wish. including 20 minutes to world famous Manuel Antonio Park. Londres is a typical Tico pueblo and most of the locals commute to Quepos for employment, There are 2 schools, 2 mini-supers, and 6 flavors of churches.

      We are higher than the highest point in Florida. I know that doesn’t sound like much but….consider, we are such a perfect climate I have no NEED for glass in my windows. Now that’s sustainability!!!!! We are constantly working on the gardens and new construction.

      Sustainability? GROW your own house…. see the Jungalow. I personally planted all the bamboo on this finca with intention, in 2002.

      We are also a “Longevity Education Center”. We teach people how to live better, simply! “Health Care” is non-existent in the USA. At best they are offered surgery and “pharmaceutical reimbursement plans”. We offer a whole food plant based diet. and some fish for those who wish. The local church ladies make tamales and use chicken for us instead of pork.

      So yes, we offer a great climate, hope to get ONE community van in the future, but being ON a bus route(there is no rush) , we have a hard wired land line and Internet plus WiFi, and …. are part of a larger community. We are NOT isolated 16 miles down a 4×4 road. We have a river across the street and creek on site. Who could ask for anything more?

      Waterfalls, Scarlett Macaws, Night Blooming Jasmine…. Ylan Ylan…. and White Ginger…. Que Rico…


      Elena Ross v

      http://www.fincaamanecer.com/ eco-village https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/785154 rental http://www.facebook.com/#!/LaughingGeckoCampgrounds http://directory.ic.org/22059/Esperanza_de_Finca_Amanecer http://investapal.com/network/videozone.php?page=playvideo&video=9 https://icccr.wordpress.com/ PHONE: Costa Rica : (011) 506-2-779 1123 Skype: askelena1 Google voice: 774 (askelena) 275 3536

  3. Bless your heart, so happy you found us. There is a large community in the San Isidro area, and believe it or not, here near Quepos you can get some higher elevations also near Escapulas. Welcome to out piece of paradise. Elena

    • Oh many Thanks Elena! We will contact you as we get closer to our Visit, now got to study up on our Spanish, See you soon, Denise and AJ

      • con mucho gusto.

  4. Well done, our Skills and interests are: Farmsteading, Cheesemaking, Organic Methods,( Sustainable), Garden growing, Rocket Mass and Solar power, we currently have 5 acres in the USA we are gonna sell at a later date, want to Visit in 2012 and pick out a higher elevation suitable for Milk Cows and Us. We are a Simple Couple in our 50s, always willing to learn and helping out our neighbors, we can bring excellent references . May all you be Blessed , Pura Vida ! AJ and Denise

  5. Bless your heart,

    Welcome to our network. What I am discovering is YOUR diet, may help you locate the right community. Plus if you speak Spanish you may want to visit: http://www.grupoarmonia.org/ they tend to be a lot younger, and very idealistic.
    I am offering “longevity Education” this season at Finca Amanecer (sunrise farms) just east of Quepos. if you give me your phone # and time ZONE, and a good time to call I’ll be happy to follow up with a phone call. paz y amor, Elena

  6. Hi,
    I am a 58 year old physician who is planning on traveling in Costa Rica during January and February and would like to visit intentional communities in the northwest area. I am considering moving to an ecovillage type community where I can participate and contribute in a community setting. Do you have any recommendations of places and people to contact. Thank you. Rick Steinberg

    • Bless your heart, please check the https://icccr.wordpress.com/
      we have lots of PEACE events and Finca Amanecer is hosting DREAMTIME a group meditation to help provide Clarity of VISION for community, locally and globally. paz y amor, Elena

  7. Greetings to all,

    I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in a highschool in Canada. I have 25 years teaching experience in elementary, secondary and adult education. I speak 5 different languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish)…I am also a certified yoga instructor. I will be retiring from teaching next year and would like to move to an “intentional community” where I can contribute my gifts and talents. I have participated in many projects overseas and have lived in Canada, Italy and the Dominican Republic as well as travelling all over the world. I would be interested in receiving more information re: intentional self sustaining eco-communities in Costa Rica. I have already been in Costa Rica and would love to spend more time there with people who are consciously seeking to live an “alternative” lifestyle which focuses on a more “Pura Vida”!

  8. Hats off to ICCCR – great concept! I have been a volunteer coordinator in a small village here in Costa Rica for the past 2 years and will soon be available for a new post. I am a long-life fan of group dynamics and facilitation. My strengths are in teaching, group facilitation and international logistics. If the right opportunity comes along, I would be thrilled to remain in Costa Rica…indefinitely! Therein, I expect to become somewhat of a ‘regular’ on this blog. PURA VIDA!

    • Welcome to our little piece of Paradise. Please let us know how we can help you. We have lots of communities, and most can use help of all kinds. Maybe one of communities would like to host a communications workshop.

    • Heya, Jennifer. How is intention for intentional community? Your skills we would love to utilise 🙂

      High Frutarian community
      Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo de T

  9. Am a certified midwife with community roots. Would like to find a place to live where I can make a contribution. Am interested in maternal-child health, working in a local clinic (? is this possible), eco-gardening, simple living, good food, yoga, swimming – want to connect w. people of like mind. I prefer the Pacific coast. Any suggestions?

  10. Hi Kelley

    I got your name from some people I met receently. Jason and Alana and their 2 children visitied Global Creek in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca last week and told us about what your organization is doing. How does one apply to be posted under your intentional concious communities website? Is there an application process?
    Hoping to here from you soon

    • Dear Christine,

      Thank you for writing us! I just happened to meet up with Jason, Alana and their clan, this very weekend, in Dominical! We had such a good time! At this point, the ICCCR is openly listing communities on the blog.

      I will go ahead and post a link to Global Creek on the blog. However, once the main site (www.icccr.info) is up and fully functioning; yes, we, at the ICCCR, are going to have some criteria, an application, for qualification for an ICCCR social media profile.

      Walter, our volunteer web developer, is coming down to CR next week and will be working on the site (www.icccr.info) full-time for the next 2 months—so things should be up and running in 2 months!

      I look forward to learning more about you and Global Creek. Please keep us posted!

      Kelly N Patterson

  11. I am traveling to Costa Rica in a month and would like to visit several of the communities. Could you help me?

    • Thanks for writing me, Jerry. I highly recommend you check out all the intentional community sites listed on our blog roll and see which most appeal to you. Each community has contact information on their website. If you are interested in a particular community, I suggest you send them an introductory email about yourself; what skills you have to share; what you are looking for, in order to identify a good match for you and the community.

      If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck on your search!

      Kelly N Patterson

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