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2013 Winter SOLSTICE Festival

2013 Winter SOLSTICE Festivaldrumming

Dec 17-22, 2013

Laughing Gecko Campgrounds

Dentro de Finca Amanecer Eco-commUNITY

Londres de Quepos, Costa Rica

Celebrating in harmony with Nature and Neighbors

Come create YOUR intimate Festival Experience

Calling all artists, musicians, dancers, healers, visionaries

Calling all Shamans, yoga teachers, hoola hooper, fire dancers, aerial silk, bring your talent and CREATE. Can you lead a sweat lodge on the full moon? Would you like to learn PanEurhythmy- a dance of higher consciousness at sunrise, yoga in the Bamboo Cathedral, music under the stars Friday night, drumming circles and ceremony on Saturday night.

Following the principles of Burning Man we ask each person to be responsible for themselves. PLEASE bring your own tent, food and utensils, personal care items and share. Share your food, talents and JOY. There are no sales during the festival. Would you like to sponsor a “theme kitchen”? Those who don’t want to cook must contribute to the theme kitchen before arriving, to shop in advance. If everyone shares their abundance then it’s a beautiful world. What can you donate? Bring lots of GIFTS. Why not clean out your closets and donate to the gift table. Whatever is not adopted during the festival will be donated to the local schools and community.

Costs: 1 day pass 10,000 colones; 2 days 15,000 colones, Multi-day for early volunteers 25,000. Cost includes camping and all activities. MEALS must be purchased in advance with a theme kitchen.


Contact: SMS 83384010 ROBO DE CABLE NO PHONE.

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International Peace Day, Sept 21, 2012

Sept 20-23  Come and join in the Spirit of Peace, Prayer, Brotherhood, Yoga, Song and Dance.

Follow us as a Facebook event:

It will take place at Iztaru, the Guias and Scouts Camp near Cartago.

Sept. 21 at 7:30 am we’ll dance the PanEuRhythmy and at 9 am we will have a ceremony of gratitude led by the elders of the Huetares Indigenous Indians.  There can be no peace between Nations until there is peace with Mother Earth. In Costa Rica we will be celebrating by signing a Peace Treaty. There will also be a ceremony is to ask permission of the mountain and their ancestors for the realization of the Hopi prophecy– for The Fire Unity, One Day  December 21, 2012.

Hopi Prophecy:

Rainbow Prophecy:

We celebrate with a bonfire until 10 pm.

On Sept 21 and 22,  Elena Ross will share the PanEuRhythmy— Universal Harmonious Movement— to help humanity resonate at the same frequency as the Universe.

On Sept 22 and 23 there will be a Yoga Workshop  (suggested donation $50.00)

There will be representatives: from the South, Taita Juan, Shaman de Colombia; Don John of Canada as a representative of the northern indigenous; Representing the Hopi a group of  Rainbow Warriors, who are traveling here by land from Canada and Brazil.

FREE Camping for the Rainbow Family Sept 20-23.

If anyone needs to rent a bed or cabina please make your reservations and view the park entrance fees and other details

Contact Francisco:  to learn more about upcoming events:


DE 20 a 23 de Septiembre.

A partir del dia 21 de Septiembre las 9 am tendremos una ceremonia gratuita dirigida por los huetares para bendecir y pedir permiso a la montaña y a los ancestros para realizar allí el Fuego de la Unidad el Día Uno, el 21 de diciembre.

Tendremos fogata de celebración hasta las 10 pm.

Tendremos como representante de los indígenas del sur al Taita Juan de Colombia. Como representante de los indígenas del norte a Don Jhon de Canadá.

En representación de los Hopis tendremos a un grupo de amigos de Rainvow, los guerreras del arcoiris, quienes ya salieron para acá por tierra desde Canadá y Brasil.

El 21 de septiembre y el 22, a las 7:30 am  Elena Ross compartirá el Paneuritmia — Movimiento armónico universal — para ayudar a la humanidad resuenan en la misma frecuencia que el Universo.

El 22 de septiembre y el 23 habrá un Taller de Yoga (donación sugerida $ 50.00)

Acampar gratis, Se podrá dormir en tiendas de campaña o en las cabañas del campo Escuela. Ver tarifas de entrada al parque y otros detalles en


Peace Treaty with Mother Earth

“I choose here and now, freely and consciously make peace with Earth and do what you have to do to live sustainably, to know, minimize and offset my carbon footprint and help make Costa Rica a carbon neutral nation “. DAY ONE NETWORK

________________________________        ____________________________________
Legal signature                                                              Place of Birth

________________________________                           ____________________________________
Place of Birth                                                                                 Where are you now?

Please print, sign and return to:

The list of names of those who endorse this agreement and make One Day Network   (Day One Network) will be delivered to the President of Costa Rica One Day (December 21, 2012), as a civil society contribution to the goal of mitigating global warming, along with the request to sign the Agreement Peace with the Earth.


Tratado de paz con la Madre Tierra

“Elijo aquí y ahora, libre y conscientemente, firmar la paz con la Tierra y hacer lo que tenga que hacer para vivir de forma sostenible, conocer, minimizar y compensar mi huella de carbono y hacer que Costa Rica alcance el estado de Nación Carbono Neutral”. Conoce, minimiza y compensa tu huella de carbono en DAY ONE NETWORK


______________________________                   ___________________________________

Firma  Nombre legal                                                          identificación legal


_______________________________                        ____________________________________
Nación de nacimiento                                                          ¿Dónde estás ahora?

Por favor de imprimir, firmar y enviar a:

El listado con los nombres de quienes avalan este acuerdo y conforman la Red del Día Uno (Day One Network) se entregará a la Presidenta de Costa Rica el Día Uno (21 de diciembre de 2012), como un aporte de la sociedad civil a la meta de mitigar el calentamiento global, junto a la solicitud de que firme el Acuerdo de Paz con la Tierra.     ¿QUE ES EL DIA UNO?

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Fundraiser Kids Saving the Rainforest

We’d like to invite you to a KSTR fundraiser!
When: September 9, 2012
Time: 1 – 5 PM
Where: Byblos Hotel and Resort  Between Quepos and Manuel Antonio
Why: To fund the wildlife rescue center

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Whales and Dolphins Festival in Bahía-Uvita –

Whales and Dolphins Festival in Bahía-Uvita – Costa Ballena of Osa
  • The dates for the next Festival of Whales and Dolphins are confirmed 7th to 9th and 14th to 16th September. 
  • This year it is being organized by three local entities: the Marine Ballena National Park Associations of Tour Operators and Guides, the Development Association of Bahia and Uvita, and the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce of Costa Ballena de Osa (CACOBA) with the support of MINAE, the security forces, the Tourist Police, the Osa Municipality, the Coast Guard, and the Red Cross. 
  • This joint effort will result in a renewed and attractive festival. This year´s theme is “September Month of the Whales, Costa Rica.”
  • The Festival will not only have an environmental approach; it will also have a tinge of community development. The idea is that all businesses may benefit, from Dominical to Ojochal. If you want to offer some kind of service during the festival, contact any of the organizations mentioned below, they will gladly direct you. In addition, your company can support the event as a sponsor.
  • INFO: Walter Brenes, Presidente Asociación Tour Operadores – 8846 6576, Esteban Calderón, presidente de ADI Bahía y Uvita – 8719 3042, Stephanie Obando, secretaria CACOBA – 2743 8546

Traditional Mexican Temazcal—“Purification Lodge”,4:30 PM June 30,
2012 – is a time to discard the old ways and welcome a new culture of brotherhood and love…..

Venus goes direct in Gemini on June 27, it’s a time to be looking towards forward relationships rather than flirting with the past. It is also a time to enjoy the “spice of life”. Plus with Mercury in Leo, it’s a time for “childlike and innocence,” especially in all forms of self expression coming from the heart.  Just before the full moon on July 3, is an excellent time to complete any unfinished business or end unresolved relationships, or release anything which does not serve your higher good.  Let 2012 be the year to release the past and welcome the New Culture…..

Who: Jose Ivan Gonzalez, will be leading a traditional Mexican Temazcal Ceremony. Jose and Mitacuye are heading to Columbia,they will be available to perform the Temazcal Ceremony along the way. To arrange a Ceremony Contact:  Ivan Jose <>

What to bring?  Flashlight, bug stuff,crystals or sacred objects for the alter; Drums or musical instruments and an open heart.  Eat light and no meat before the ceremony. Focus on what you want to release.

Suggested donation $20.00 covers the Temazcal. Optional rooms at Finca Amanecer and meals are additional.   (

Where: Laughing Gecko Campgrounds  dentro de Finca Amanecer, 150 S del Puente de Londres.  14 Km EAST of Quepos, Costa Rica.  Contact:    phone:  506 2779-1123

About the Ceremony, and benefits:

The Purification ceremony is intended as a spiritual reunion with the creator and a respectful connection to the earth itself as much as it is meant for purging toxins out of the physical body.

Mental Healing – The ceremony gives its participants the opportunity to free their minds of distractions, offering clarity.

Spiritual Healing – The ceremony offers a place for introspection and connection to the planet and the spirit world.

Physical Healing – The sweat gives anti-bacterial and wound-healing benefits. A full Medical Review (pdf) of the health benefits and risks of Native American sweat lodges were published by the Indian Health Service in 1998.

Extensive information on Traditional Mexican Temazcal :

Construction of a traditional Indian Sweat Lodge:

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Bamboo Construction Workshops will be hosting another hands on Bamboo Construction Workshop.  June 22-29 wel’ll be putting a bamboo “Spanish tile  roof” on the Campground Kitchen, and then 3 bungalows.  The bamboo was harvested last year, and it ready for use now.  The walls will be of cobb construction with a stucco finish.  I have several videos of when Martin Coto was here.  Free camping, and a small charge if you join in the community meals.  2779-1123  please visit for directions and buses.  Rooms are available if you wish to upgrade.  PS: we are seeking a permanent permaculture person.

El consejo de visiones y IV encuentro de comunidades intencionales de Costa Rica que está pronto en iniciar del 29 de Abril al 6 de Mayo.  Que se realizará en la Finca Sustentable Jardines Termales de Gaia, en San Cristobal Norte de San José, Cantón Desamparados, Costa Rica.

April 29- May 6th, 2012 at the Gaia Thermal Gardens in San Cristobal Norte, Desamparados.

Se trabajarán las siguientes visiones:

1.       Agroecología y soberanía alimentaria.
2.       Economía solidaria.
3.       Educación integral.
4.       Espiritualidad y tradiciones.
5.       Redes y movimientos sociales.
6.       Artivismo y la emergente cultura viva comunitaria.
7.       Asentamientos sustentables.

También informaremos de la conformación del Consejo de Asentamientos Sostenibles de las Américas –CASA-, donde la permacultura, la diversidad, la unidad y la inteligencia colectiva son las fortalezas para el cambio social, practicado por una red de personas, organizaciones, colectivos, artistas, ecoaldeas, ecobarrios, artesanos, agricultores y ecomunidades.

Còmo participar!:

El evento tiene un costo calculado de 12000 colones (aprox 24 USD$) por persona y por día. Sin embargo también contamos con becas por voluntariado durante el encuentro en áreas de servicio amoroso regular (Cocina) y manutención de las condiciones requeridas para asegurar la permanencia del funcionamiento de provisión de alimentos, servicios y condiciones básicas para el desarrollo del Encuentro.

También está la opción de participar toda la semana, de inicio a fin en el programa del evento en la Finca Jardines Termales de Gaia, o para aquellos que se les dificulta estar toda la semana se ofrece la opción de participar los días que consideren de interés según el  programa

Muy Atentamente,

Equipo de coordinación,
Red de Comunidades Intencionales de Costa Rica
Correos e:

88771449 y 86394271

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Forestdance Feb 5-11, 2012

Sacred Healing and Expressive Arts Fire Circle Ceremony Feb. 5th -11, 2012.

The Forestdance sacred fire circle experience is a co-creative, all night, eclectic spiritual ritual in which a safe art and sharing space is developed around a fire. Inside, from around midnight until dawn, energy and awareness is raised and cultivated through drumming, dancing, singing, chanting, music making and various other forms of human expression. Through the balance of listening, serving one another, and expressing, these layers of that which we have necessarily gathered together tightly to protect ourselves, come down, until a simple and free flowing state of embodied divinity and deep personal freedom rises through us. This culture is very much about reclaiming our own intimacy and our right to experience life to the fullest. Forest Dance strives to hold a sacred container, so if you would like to come, please plan to come from the beginning through the end. For more information on Forest Dance



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DREAMTIME Feb 20-22, 2012

Please join us for a New Moon “Dreamtime” gathering,    Feb. 20-22, 2012.  We are gathering now, creating the village.

Neptune is entering Pisces, for the next 14 years. Sunday, February 19th the Sun enters Pisces and on Tues the New moon enters Pisces too.  This time is a gateway for dreams, and visions.   Come and create your new reality.

Come share the JOY of PanEuRhythmy (Meditation in Motion) in the morning, OM, Yoga, singing, drumming, guided group meditation and a sweat lodge.  Michael Tivana, renowned author, activist and keeper of he Hopi Prophecy will lead the sweat.

It will mostly be camping and community meals, sort of a Mini Rainbow Gathering.

Please bring musical instruments and sacred objects.

Come with an open mind and heart.  Let’s see what a collective meditation creates.

The main thrust is group meditation with the intention of creating the VISION for forming community, and. a new culture for……. 2012…. beyond.  Shift 2 the Gift…….

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Heart Song Life Dance Feb. 12-15, 2012

Earth Rose farms presents:  Heart Song Life Dance, an awakening of body, mind & spirit with
movement sound & breath using Yoga, Meditation & Tai Chi techniques.  The process is a facilitated flowing group improv passing the energy in circle and spiral for…ms. Lots of fun and very artistic as well as healing the feelings and feeling the healings of group process.  This event led by Glowing Feather Maj.


please email us if interested    cost $50 for 3 day & $100 for 7 day including Dominical beach event.

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