Posted by: askelena | January 19, 2012

Heart Song Life Dance Feb. 12-15, 2012

Earth Rose farms presents:  Heart Song Life Dance, an awakening of body, mind & spirit with
movement sound & breath using Yoga, Meditation & Tai Chi techniques.  The process is a facilitated flowing group improv passing the energy in circle and spiral for…ms. Lots of fun and very artistic as well as healing the feelings and feeling the healings of group process.  This event led by Glowing Feather Maj.


please email us if interested    cost $50 for 3 day & $100 for 7 day including Dominical beach event.


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    There was no cooking facilities so a warm drink while sailing would be out of the
    question. The keyboards on the song help create the eerie feel as
    Crumb delivers more vocal illusions the way only he can.

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